Mars Dota 2 League 2017

LGD Gaming took the crown of the Mars Dota 2 League 2017, beating LGD. Permanently Young in a 3-2 last series.
Both groups revealed a remarkable kind a month prior to the greatest competition of the year.

Newbee and LGD Gaming were fighting each other to choose who would sign up with LGD.FY in the Grand Finals. Newbee, having a difficult course in this competition, being sent out to the Loser's Bracket by LGD.FY and needing to go through Invictus Gaming and OG, could not handle much better rounded drafts of their challengers, regardless of an outstanding private efficiency from Song "Sccc" Chun and Damien "kpii" Chok on Puck taking Aegis, Cheese and Roshan eliminate also, which assisted protect the long back-and-forth 2nd video game, losing 1:2 in the end and taking 3rd location in the competition.

LGD Gaming vs Newbee highligh Game 2 POUND Finals on MDL 2017
The Grand Final in between LGD Gaming and LGD. Permanently Young, the greatest carrying out groups of the competition who both fulfilled each other in the WB Finals, went the range all the method to the choosing map.
Video game one and 2 began actively however with LGD Gaming turning up on top off of the early video games, with LGD.FY being not able to carry out a Drow+ Visage technique in the very first video game and having no response to the opponent's Enigma in the 2nd. As soon as LGD Gaming obtained benefit thorugh early tower eliminates and much better trades they were comfy sufficient to let the video game go late and gradually struggle their challengers on their base.

LGD Gaming vs LGD.FY emphasize Game 2 Grand Finals on MDL 2017
On 3rd map, LGD.FY opted for an early Pugna tower push, however kept distributing Roshans, and needed to go lategame, however still handled to develop mega creeps off the back of Pugna+ Omiknight+ Chaos Knight siege and take the video game 3.

LGD Gaming vs LGD.FY Game 3 Grand Finals on MDL 2017
Another Drow Ranger strat didn't exercise in the video game 4, this time with Medusa and on the side of LGD Gaming, who had difficulty in the safe lane and could not perform their push effectively, winding up in a farmed opponent versus a late video game Morphling due to LGD.FY remarkable map control.

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In the choosing map of the Grand Finals, LGD Gaming Anti-Mage and Ursa got and got a fantastic start out of control, leaving no alternatives for turning the video game around and avoiding LGD.FY from finishing their return in the series.

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